July 22, 2013


“Whatever you do, don’t be another brick in the wall!”
Hank Moody

My Monday feels so bleh .... so uurggh! Very blunt this morning.
Its one of those mechanical mornings, where i wake up and do things like i always do, because its makes sense and it is familiar, and i don't have to think too hard or justify a reason. I just go with it.
I get into the office and i say hello to everyone , like i always do.. Put on my computer, like i always do.. so mechanical i tell you!
My Soundtrack for the morning is none other than ->  CARDIGANS - COULDN'T CARE LESS...
Oh, my heart can't carry much more  
It's really, really aching and sore  
My heart don't care anymore 
I really can't bear more
My hands don't work like before  

I shiver and I scrape at your door  
My heart can't carry much more  
But you couldn't care less  
Could you?
Your face don't look like before 

It's really not like yours anymore  
Your eyes don't like me no more  
They quiver and they shift to the floor
My heart don't beat like before  

It's never been this slow  
No my blood don't flow anymore  
And you couldn't care less  
Could you? ...

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