August 20, 2013


Lets Talk About ...

The better part of my morning had been spent watching KTN's Case Files.
It is a show focusing on cases that made headlines in the past. Some have ended well, with the perpetrators behind bars..while others remain cold cases.

Either from lack of hard evidence to prosecute the suspects or  just a failure on the part of the justice system. Majority falling into the  "lack of hard evidence" category.
Which leads me to my main topic CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION!!

Kenyan Police force, detectives or Inspectors?? *I am not sure which of the titles is now obsolete*..have never known how to handle crime scenes as witnessed from the past.
Manhandling of evidence is not new to Kenyans.
While watching one episode, the police drove the victim's car from the scene of the crime to the Police Station! WTH?! Did not dust the vehicle for finger prints .. Mud prints were in the car & they failed to zero in on any of these. The case still remains unsolved! SMH.
I celebrate shows like CSI, it gives you something to improve on. It may not be on the sophisticated level *parts of it borders exaggeration, if you ask me* but like i say, its a point in the right direction.

Although there has been improvements lately, like gloves at a crime scene, bagging of evidence etc etc. 

The Past
The Present

Pictures courtesy of Google Images 
I remain to think the way we handle Crime Scenes,still leaves a lot to be desired.
Maybe an exchange program could help shake things up a bit.
*just a thought* :)

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