August 19, 2013


“If life gives you lemons, pray for fruit.”Salaveena

 Last week my workmate needed a place to store her pineapple at the office.
I thought oooh, i have my leather bag that i use to carry my laptop out of the office. You could use that?! And so, the pineapple found a temporary home in my laptop carrier.
It had been on of those weeks that you are literally looking forward to the weekend :))
We totally forgot about the pineapple.
An entire week went by, then came Monday morning...
My office has a not so familiar smell :((( My fellow workmate comes in for a chat and as we catchup, i couldn't help but bring up the not so familiar smell up in conversation.
Me: Do you smell something? Did they wash the carpets again and forget to air the office?
Her: Yeah, something smells terrible. Like rotten fruit!
*Light Bulb*

Me: OMGoodness!! THE PINEAPPLE!!
Yes! The pineapple! In my bag! Rotten! eeeeeeeewww! LOL.
A quick phone call to my workmate, a reminder that her forgotten fruit is now decayed. Yuuurgh!
Upon her arrival at the office, we attempted to open the bag, to assess the DAMAGE.
ooooh! It was DAMAGE alright! ...the  rotten fruit smell filling up the office. Literally made me gag!
So, we threw it out and aired the bag, which did not help much.
Took the bag to another location to minimize the damage already caused... did not help either.
Finally, i had to rinse the bag out. Warm water .. Soap ... the works.


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