August 16, 2013


"Whoever wastes your time is your enemy.
Whoever does not respect your time, does not respect you."
  ---- Aliko Dangote
I have become an avid reader of  Forbes. I gravitate toward Investment & Development in Africa.
I have become increasingly intrigued by the Money Makers & Shakers in Africa..
Both of the "Old Money" & the "Young Money" Generations. I am especially following articles on two Nigerian Money Makers. Billionaire Aliko Dangote "Old Money" Generation & Billionaire  Ladi Delano "Young Money" Generation.
What has been repetitive in the articles is the fact that all these money makers started off passionately at very young ages of between 11 - 16 years average. Running small businesses, like selling sweets,
At the tender age of 22 Ladi Delano was running a company that was racking in an average of US$ 22 Million in revenue! In China!! yes! i said CHINA! Making his very own brand of Vodka - Solid XS.
That was 8 years back. At 30, he has been indicted into the billionaires club!

Ladi Delano (source:

I started thinking back to where i was at 22?!
What was i doing when people were minting money from their ideas??? I was in University ... partying hard and enjoying life with BIG dreams. UNREALISTIC big dreams! SMH.
I read article after article ... Money Maker after Money Maker.. from Nigeria.. Kenya.. Senegal.. South Africa... Tanzania (Tip: Ten Young African Millionaires To Watch ) I was impressed.. More so INSPIRED!!
I thought to myself, Its NOT over till the fat lady sings! And as long she can still bellow a tune, I can still mint money from my ideas! I can still make my OWN BIG DREAMS come true :)
I don't know about you.. but, am currently in search of a business mentor. Someone to teach me the
"How-To's" of doing business in this technology obsessed world while mixing the traditional ways of doing business. I am planning on going bakery to bakery talking to successful cake business owners. Find out how they started and lessons they can pass down to up & coming entrepreneurs. I will gladly share their stories right here on my "Lets Talk About" page.
On my road to becoming a successful entrepreneur, i am also learning the power of choosing my counsel wisely. The people i turn to for advice, share my ideas with.



  1. Really Inspired by this.

    I just asked myself the same question.. What was I doing when I was 22 SMH........