September 3, 2013

The Three Reasons Why You Need To Save Money In Your 20s

(Re-blogged From EliteDaily)

As I say bye-bye to my twenties, I cannot express how grateful I am for having saved my money for a time when I truly needed it, which happens to be right now. 
I spent my twenties working my ass off in jobs that gave me zero sense of fulfillment. I worked in retail, got into modeling in college and ended up working nights as a bottle service waitress basically stealing money from drunken NYC club-goers for six years.
None of these jobs gave my life meaning, nor did they help me grow as a person, but the high pay kept me addicted.
I had no real directions in my life, but giving all of my energy to these jobs was soon to expire.
The difference between me and other workers like myself was that I knew that I would need the money down the road, in my twenties.
I envisioned having a full bank account for when I finally got all of the bullsh*t partying and messing around out of my system and was ready to discover what I really wanted to do with my life.
With that being said, here are three reasons why your twenties are the most important time to save money.

1. You can do things that require little money and still have a great time.


I LOVE reading articles from Elite Daily.. It's kind of like the "How-To" guide for the 20 somethings.
Eye catching articles on money and Investments,Relationships, Fashion, Cars ... that just leave you thinking about it days after.
I often find myself printing out copies for myself, to read and re-read :))
I hope you find it as informative as i did.



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