November 28, 2014


2 Corinthians 5:7 New King James Version (NKJV)
For we walk by faith, not by sight.
Blindfold surprise by Phil JonesPhotography

There has been something about the month of November.
One constant lesson has been re-playing OVER & OVER & OVER.

Just because you do not see it does not mean IT HAS NOT HAPPENED !!
I have come to learn there is something i now call BLINDFOLD SURPRISES.
Well, this in my new understanding is when things happen even when you cannot see it.
Some things do not necessarily manifest 100% on the spot. Its a process that is supposed to strengthen our faith and not dampen it contrary to popular belief.

A few years ago, i read an incredible story of a visually impaired man who could tell color by touch.
Yes! Just by touching anything of color he knew if it was blue or yellow or white.
I have seen things of color all my life and even with the lights off i cannot tell what color a thing is.

I have experienced a lot of blind surprises lately. Honestly, walking in faith takes a whole lotta FAITH & TRUST. Being a very logical person does interfere with Faith and Trust alot. *work in progress*
Believing when you cannot see stretches my faith muscles so hard i can see six pack forming. lolThe Bible requires of us to walk by faith because what we see is so limiting. God can do above and beyond what we can ask for or imagine. Faith begins where when we cannot see or touch or ask for or think of. It begins wher the natural meets the supernatural.
When Christ on the cross declared it was finished in the natural he was hanging on a cross lifeless. some were depressed because they thought he is gone.. it's over! Lets mourn him. The natural was so limiting.
The phrase it is finished was above and beyond what we could imagine. He had accomplished God's purpose. He had defeated the devil, death, poverty, sickness and all sorts of  earthly viles.

I do not know how far your faith and trust levels have been stretched?? But just because you cannot see does not mean it has not happened. Keep the faith. Keep trusting.

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