May 5, 2015


"You can walk away and say "We don't need this." but something in your eyes says "We can beat this.”  ― Taylor Swift

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5 years of research + 3 years of ridding a "dying horse". Well, that's what it looks like from my view.
I will not even get into the numbers of hours that i have invested in product innovation?!
Yesterday, i got really emotional i literally threw in the towel. Yes! i took the towel and threw it in the laudry pile. But that's not the point!
The answer is: YOU NEVER WALK AWAY!

You see, your desire to succeed must out weigh your failures no matter what!
It all boils down to how badly do you want success? wealth? opportunity?
Truth is, it's easier written than done.

Am not a boxing fan, never been. I don't get the idea behind people knocking each other out for fun?! teeth and blood everywhere?! Bleh!
After the May Weather-Pacman fight i was curious to know the stories behind the men.
HBO had a one hour series about it.
They both started off really young.
May Weather Senior would take his son to the gym from the age of three.
Running miles by age eight.
Hardcore training by age thirteen.. first big fight at nineteen
I mean, he never gave up. He believed he was the greatest from a tender age.
Time and chance needed to come together to prove it.
One thing i give him credit for, is that he is his own #1 cheerleader! This man can run his mouth for days. And he puts his money where his mouth is for sure.

Moral of the Story: The world's successful people didn't start off with millions of dollars, perfect environment, All resources stacked up neatly.. NO! they started from where they were, with the little resources they had at that time.
They never achieved success on the first try either, They failed more than they succeeded.
Success takes time. Alot of time. It has to be nurtured. that's the hard part about the road to success.
It ain't for the faint hearted. It ain't for the quitters either.
I have decided not to faint or quit. In the words of taylor Swift, "I can beat this..."

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