November 19, 2012


I read this on one of my favorite blogs and i thought he stole the words right outta ma mouth!! I couldn't agree more.. it made my heart smile and a little tear sparkle in my eye :) i feel the exact same way...
 ---when i'm happy, they're there. when i'm sad, they're there. ( i had to add this one, i felt i needed it: When am a total ASS, they're still there.) even when i think i'm alone, they're there. my friends aren't deserters. even the one's who i don't talk to as often or they pretend to be fake mad at me. at any moment i needed them or they needed me we'd be there for each other. because that's the type of person i am, and those are the kind of people i befriend. we stay to the end and are always here →←, there , and everywhere . i thank God for surrounding me with people who feel more like family than friends. you are who your friends are, and if i'm a reflection of my friends it must mean i'm a pretty damn good person myself. cause my friends are kick ass awesome. ---"
I couldn't Describe my friends in one word even if i tried! My friends kick ass! totally!
Every single time am around them, i step out of my damn self and see things a little more clearly.
I have a self-protective stance, that i have NEVER known how to bring down.
 --- it's never been easy for me to trust or depend on others. so when i say i totally trust & depend on these people I'm honestly saying i love them to death.---"
I may not be there as often as they'd want ... its my way of re-energizing my soul, i know how FAR i can STRETCH myself as far as giving and sacrifice is concerned.

So, this weekend wasn't the best, but we sure made the best out of it.
My friend lost her son.. only 4 months ago, we laid to rest her other little one ;( We were there for her.
Her husband shared with me, how much he is secure in the fact that his wife is surrounded by such an AMAZING bunch of friends. That only, made me feel a whole lot more blessed.

Today am counting the AMAZING blessing of Friends ...

I am appreciating ::

Every phone call ... Every text message ... Every Letter ... Every Card ... Every Email ... Every heart-to-heart talk... Every Reality-Check ... Every Argument & Every Fight ...  Every Prayer ... All those Hugs&Kisses, that have brought us this far. And for putting up with all my sh!t


PS: Hey Lorna. I see you :)

Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest... It's about who came, and never left your side...

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