April 2, 2013

{ Frozen Dessert... My Version.

This is a very simple recipe, no baking required just freezing.


 1pkt Italian Biscotti
1.5 stick  unsalted butter
1 pkt whipping Cream
4 Tbsp castor Sugar.
1 Pkt strawberries


1. Put the Biscotti in a blender or food processor and pulse till finely ground.
2. Add the stick of butter and pulse till mixed. 
3. Layer the mixture on a baking tray, pop it in the freezer for 30 minutes until set.
4. Whip the cream, together with 2 Tbsp castor sugar.
5. Spread the whipped cream on to the biscuit base, chill for 20 minutes until firm.
6. Cut up the strawberries, and layer on top of the whip cream.
7. Sprinkle with 2 Tbsp on castor sugar & Serve.

Subtitute Whipping Cream with Cream Cheese**
Sub' Strawberries with any of your favored fruits **
Sub' Biscotti with Digestive Biscuits  or other**

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