May 31, 2013


cozy+smell of pancakes-alarm clock=weekend
Amy Krouse Rosenthal,
This Plus That: Life's Little Equations

TGIF! Another Month down :) How fast time flies!
AWWH, May you were reliable as EVER except for the weather.
Babies were born,changes were made, i went blonde ;)))))))
Hard lessons were learnt, a few bridges i had to burn. am greatful.
Looking back i have pulled out the procrastination card a little this month *HIDES*
Work is getting busier and busier this coming month.. business is having a bit of a  slow flow, MAYbe, that is because i am not putting myself out there enough. Creating that balance with work is proving to be ROCKET SCIENCE. *Help Me LORD*
I am definitely looking forward to JUUUUUNE!

June holds good things for me.... IT'S MY TIME  *J.O.Y*
So, June ....
Be Brush with me... and don't hold anything back.
I sure hope for some sunshine, but will not bet on it,
Bring opportunities my way, enough to share some out.
Lessons from May, be my reminders for a better, happier, healthier June ;)))

My Virtues this Month

Quotes For the Month


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