July 2, 2013


Lets talk about ....the Window Seat!

So, on my plane ride to Johannesburg, i got a window seat.
I looove the window seat. I always have to seat by the window in any vehicle or moving thing.
So am enjoying my view of the clouds and my tranquility is disrupted by the gentleman seated next to me, stretching himself to look out the window! not ONCE! not TWICE! but SEVERAL times!!
Good LAAAWWD! i mean really?? really dude?!!!
Who does that? Do i have a right to feel invaded?? ---- YES! i got the window seat! He was encroaching on my personal space *the window included* i mean. i got the window seat!
Common courtesy rules should apply in this case scenario. Its not that i would have gladly swapped my seat with his..MOST DEFINITELY NOT! All am saying is, a three hour flight with someone pocking their head at the window every so often ---- aaaarrrrgh, is enough to pull your hair out!

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